Why I Love Foursquare


Foursquare. It’s one of those “social networks” that some love, and some hate (that’s pretty much the story for any social network, no?)

Me, I love it. I’ll freely admit that I’m a bit of a “badge whore.” I like collecting badges. I like leaving tips. I like getting mayorships. I can’t help it, it is the competitive streak in me.

Want to know what I really like about Foursquare? (Probably not, but you’re going to hear it anyway…)

It’s a great way to meet up with your friends.

A few minutes ago, the awesomely fabulous Heather Pierucki checked into a Starbucks on Foursquare. The Starbucks that is about a 2 minute walk from RETT (a real estate co-working space) where I was attempting to get a little work done.

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Heather in… forever. So I closed up the MacBook and headed over.

Feeling slightly guilty about interrupting her work, I plopped down next to her and we had a great little chat. We talked about work, our lives, my kids, her husband, my wife, Hawaii, and some other stuff.

It was short, and sweet.

Without a simple Foursquare checkin, it never would have happened.

THAT is what Foursquare is all about. Forget trying to use it for business to “generate leads”. Forget trying to calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) of Foursquare.

Use it to find your friends. To sit down for a few minutes with them and catch up.

You want to know the ROI on that?

It’s priceless.



  1. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Foursquare for the sheer fact that it’s fun. It’s not real estate or lead or etc related. I get to see where my friends are going, find new places to check out and, well, see when loved ones make it to where they’re going when they’re out of town. (Does that sound stalker-ish? :) )

  2. Rob Reuter says

    Good stuff, Jay. Traveled to Ohio for business back in January. While checked-in on Foursquare at O’Hare, I got a call from a friend of mine from St. Louis who saw me checked in and was also travelling to Ohio for the same business conference. His connecting flight in Chicago was cancelled, but with a few phone calls and the help from some customer representatives, we were able to get him on my flight stand-by and saved him hours of inevitable boredom at the airport. True story. Gotta love the power of Foursquare!

  3. Greg Taylor says

    I love Foursquare and was an early adopter. I’ve used it mostly as a personal branding tool. If you’re friends with me on Foursquare, prior to meeting me in real life, you know I prefer brewpubs over coffee houses, I like to see live music, I play sports on the weekend etc.

    This basic knowledge of me and an insight into my daily life, helps to build rapport with potential clients before we meet and talk business. I love it, I use it and when done right — it’s a valuable tool.

  4. says

    I hate foursquare and block all those posts on Twitter and Facebook. Why do I care if someone is at some store, or gas station, or where ever they think the world wants to know they are? If I’m a thief, I might embrace Foursquare. What could be easier to do than to rob someone right after they posted that they are somewhere other than home? Me, I like Social Networks, but I do not care for Foursquare.

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