WTF Just Happened?

No, the title is not a reference to the last 30 seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, though that's pretty much the exact phrase I walked around mumbling for three days following the game. Me and the other million or so folks living in the Seattle metro … [Read more]

My Six Days of Hell

Last week I managed to "pop" my shoulder (getting a bag out of an airplane overhead compartment no less. Air travel is a contact sport you know). Having done this before, I knew a trip to the doc was in order so they could manipulate it back into … [Read more]

Renters are people too…

Seven plus years of my life were spent selling real estate in one form or another. You know, selling the "American Dream". Helping people navigate the often troubled waters of a real estate transaction. I get the benefits of owning a home, believe … [Read more]