Renters are people too…

2468996425_fd077296dc_z Seven plus years of my life were spent selling real estate in one form or another. You know, selling the “American Dream”. Helping people navigate the often troubled waters of a real estate transaction.

I get the benefits of owning a home, believe me. You know, things like: (hopefully) building equity, painting your walls however you like (as long as we’re not talking your exterior walls if you live in a home owners association), don’t pay your landlord’s mortgage, potential tax advantages, if you own it they will come, blah blah etc etc.

This bugs me

On a remarkably consistent basis, I see real estate professionals pose questions like this:

What stops people from becoming home owners?

And the real estatey types will chime in with answers like:

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Knock Knock. Anyone Home?

There were no posts made to this blog in March, April, May or June.


It’s not like I haven’t been “pondering” during all those months. I ponder something or other on a daily basis. Some of it is quite profound. Most of it is meaningless drivel.

So why no posts here?

Beats me.

I *did* publish a post on, a wicked smart blog that my pal Brian Gardner put together. You should read that blog. It’s got some really (really) good writers. The kind that make me think, “You’re gonna have to step it up and bring your A-game to even come close to doing what these folks do with a keyboard.”

What else has happened in the passing months…

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What it’s like being a Broncos fan living in Seattle

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos

So, Superbowl XLVIII happened. We don’t really need to rehash the results, do we? Let’s just say I missed my prediction by a wee bit…

For the first time in my life, I reside in a city that has won a major sports championship.

So what’s it like for a life-long Broncos fan living in Seattle?

Let’s say…… somewhat sucky.

I live in downtown Seattle, on 4th Avenue. So where did the Seahawks decide to have their homecoming parade? Right down the middle of 4th Avenue, naturally.

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On the Broncos, Seahawks and Richard Sherman

Broncos SeahwaksThose that know me, or follow along just for all the excitement on Facebook, know I’m a long-time Denver Broncos fan. Yet I’ve been spotted in my newish home town of Seattle, wearing a Seahawks’ shirt and cheering them along as well.

Now both teams are headed to Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday. Who the heck is Jay T. going to root for?

Why the Denver Broncos, of course.

Of course? But aren’t you sort of a closet Seattle Seahawks fan?

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On the Benefits of Having a Heart Attack


Check that title again… On the Benefits of Having a Heart Attack.

Benefits? WTF?


Yes, really!

For those not aware, I had what an emergency room cardiologist described as a “massive heart attack” back on April 21, 2012. I’ve written about it here, there and pretty much everywhere. I can’t lie, that was one of the shittier days I’ve had, ever.

It wasn’t the thought of death that was the hard part. To be honest, you don’t have a lot of time for clear-headed and cognizant thoughts during the actual heart attack. I do recall being wheeled out of the emergency room to the cardiac cath lab, and telling my wife and kids, “I’ll see you later” when I honestly thought I probably wouldn’t ever see them again. But I was trying to be all tough and stuff. You know, for them. I’ve never really asked any of them what they thought that day, we don’t dwell on it much — far better to dwell on living life every day since then.

And therein my friends, lies the truth. The benefit of having a heart attack. It’s about living. Or more precisely, having a greater appreciation for living.

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