WTF Just Happened?

Feb stent before and after

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No, the title is not a reference to the last 30 seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, though that’s pretty much the exact phrase I walked around mumbling for three days following the game. Me and the other million or so folks living in the Seattle metro area.

Rather, “WTF Just Happened?” is about my latest adventure down the oft-twisted trail of living with heart disease.Continue Reading

You Really Should Stop Running…

Knee shot

Sometimes, getting old sucks.

But I suppose it beats the alternative…

The image above is my left knee, in the middle of getting a cortisone/lidocaine injection yesterday morning.

Yeah, it hurt.

Why would one willingly let a complete stranger shove a foot-long needle as big around as a pencil into their knee?

OK, so the needle only felt that big, but still, why?

Call it a desperate attempt to relieve chronic knee pain, pain that’s exacerbated by my new-found love of running.

Should you really care, the technical problem is called Chondromalacia patellae, the fancy-pants medical term for damaged and softened cartilage behind the kneecap.

In layman’s terms, the stuff behind the kneecap that is supposed to glide freely across your thigh bone is trashed, causing bone-on-bone contact that quite frankly, hurts like hell.Continue Reading

My Six Days of Hell

8348810580_e10131cf5d_mLast week I managed to “pop” my shoulder (getting a bag out of an airplane overhead compartment no less. Air travel is a contact sport you know). Having done this before, I knew a trip to the doc was in order so they could manipulate it back into place.

Yes, that hurts.

Standard procedure here is to take x-rays to make sure nothing is structurally amiss.

Two days later the urgent care doc calls and says, “The radiologist reviewed your x-ray. The shoulder looks OK, but there is another problem.”

“What might that be?” I asked.

“There is a nodule in your upper right lung.”

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Renters are people too…

2468996425_fd077296dc_z Seven plus years of my life were spent selling real estate in one form or another. You know, selling the “American Dream”. Helping people navigate the often troubled waters of a real estate transaction.

I get the benefits of owning a home, believe me. You know, things like: (hopefully) building equity, painting your walls however you like (as long as we’re not talking your exterior walls if you live in a home owners association), don’t pay your landlord’s mortgage, potential tax advantages, if you own it they will come, blah blah etc etc.

This bugs me

On a remarkably consistent basis, I see real estate professionals pose questions like this:

What stops people from becoming home owners?

And the real estatey types will chime in with answers like:

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Knock Knock. Anyone Home?

There were no posts made to this blog in March, April, May or June.


It’s not like I haven’t been “pondering” during all those months. I ponder something or other on a daily basis. Some of it is quite profound. Most of it is meaningless drivel.

So why no posts here?

Beats me.

I *did* publish a post on, a wicked smart blog that my pal Brian Gardner put together. You should read that blog. It’s got some really (really) good writers. The kind that make me think, “You’re gonna have to step it up and bring your A-game to even come close to doing what these folks do with a keyboard.”

What else has happened in the passing months…

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