On “gay marriage”

Politically speaking, I’m a pretty conservative person. Card carrying Republican and all that.

Just like Clint Eastwood. Yeah, me and Clint are a lot alike… šŸ˜‰

For years I toed the “party line” on the subject of gay marriage. I wasn’t adamantly or vocally opposed to it; it just seemed wrong. I couldn’t even really vocalize why I felt gay marriage was wrong.

I definitely have never been “homophobic” orĀ prejudiced / biased against LGBT people. I’ve got friends and family that are gay.

Enter my two children, currently ages 20 and 18. I love talking to my kids about all sorts of things, and the subject of “gay marriage” has come up on several occasions. And I got an earful from them. They are both pretty conservative too, especially my son. Both areĀ adamant though that gay marriage is a non-issue. Or should be a non-issue. Ask either of them how they feel about gay marriage and the response is pretty much, “Why would I care if two people love each other and want to get married?”

So I listened to them. And they are right. It really is ridiculous to prohibit two people from getting married. If they love each other and want to be married, who cares if they are gay, bi-sexual, green, red, transgender or purple?

“Sanctity of marriage”? As my daughter says, “When Kim Kardashian’s wedding is splayed all over the media and her marriage lasts 72 days, there’s not really a whole lot of sanctity in that…”

As parents, our primary duties are to protect and teach our children.

We need to be aware that sometimes, our children can teach us a thing or two…


Photo: I don’t know who created the photo/quote of Clint Eastwood, I saw it on Facebook and it hit home. The quote is from an interview Eastwood did in the October 2011 issue of GQ Magazine. (Reuters)