Movies for a Deserted Island

Years ago my friends and I would pose “Deserted Island” questions to each other. Questions like, “If you were marooned on a deserted island and could only have two things to eat, what would you want?”. And since we were in our late teens the, “If you were stuck on an island and could have only one woman, who would it be?” question was hotly debated. (Jaclyn Smith. O.M.G. She still looks amazing.)

Back in those dark ages, there were no DVDs. VHS and Betamax had just been released and no one coud afford them. So the “What movies would you want if you were stranded on an island?” really never entered the conversation.

Today we have DVD’s, and iPads and all sorts of things to make life on a deserted island more tolerable. (Yeah, I know there is no electricity on a deserted island. Work with me people.)

So I’m asking myself (and you) this question:

You are stuck on a deserted island, what 10 movies would you want to have?

This is not the same question as, “What are your 10 favorite movies?”  You are marooned, trapped for years. You need movies you can watch over and over without getting sick of them. Or depressed. You probably need entertainment, not thought-provoking drama. I mean, Schindler’s List is an amazing  film, but could you watch it week after week with no end in sight? Though I am really a far bigger fan of dramatic films than comedy, I’m thinking that some levity would be a good thing when you’re stuck on a deserted island so I suspect this list will be heavy on the comedy.

What that in mind, here is what I’d want loaded on my magical no-electricity needed iPad if I was stuck on a deserted island.

  • The Godfather – sure, it can be depressing. But it is just so damn good.
  • The Princess Bride – the ultimate escape. And funny.
  • Braveheart – Inspiring, and some kick ass fighting scenes. Freedom!
  • Office Space – Laughed my ass off throughout this. Years in a corporate cubical ruined me.
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Classic. And then there is the Phobe Cates scene. Hey, if you’re stuck on a deserted island by yourself…
  • There’s Something About Mary – Normally this type of movie doesn’t really appeal to me. But I found it hilarious.
  • Shawshank Redemption – If Andy Dufresne can escape from Shawshank, there is hope you can escape the island.
  • The Big Chill – amazing dialog, and a huge bonus for a killer soundtrack.
  • Rudy – How can you not be uplifted and ready to take on anything after watching Rudy?
  • A full version of Superbowl XXXII – OK, so it’s not a “movie”, but it is the greatest NFL game ever played, and the Denver Broncos first Superbowl win. I could watch it over and over and yes, weep at the end.

There you have it, for what it’s worth. Which really, isn’t much… 😉

Photo Credit: Atoll Island by Christina Spicuzza on Flickr. CC Licensed.


  1. Tiffany says

    Here is my list. Thank you for asking. I had fun coming up with my list!

    – Star Wars Episode IV – Yes, I’m geeky like that.
    – Star Wars Episode V: Return of the Jedi- I can’t have one without the other.
    – Twilight- Don’t judge me!
    – Purple Rain- because I love Prince’s music. So I would get kill to birds with one disc. I get to see him in all his purpleness and get to hear one of my favorite soundtracks.
    – The Breakfast Club- My era, good memories, good music
    – 27 dresses- I just love this movie.
    – Pride and Prejudice- The A&E version with Colin Furth. Does the fact that there are several DVD’s take away from my allotted 10 movies? No? Ok good. I will continue.
    – Forrest Gump – I could watch this movie over and over.
    – Grease – Because I don’t want to exist in a world without the pink ladies or the T-Birds. They rock!
    – Men in Black – Tee hee.

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