About NowPondering

A few days ago someone asked me, “What’s the URL of your personal blog?”

When I replied, “I don’t have one,” they were dumbfounded.

“So, you’ve been blogging on Phoenix Real Estate Guy for what, over six years, and other blogs as well but you don’t have a personal blog? That seems… odd.”

And they’re right. Oh, I share some very personal things on “TPREG” but its major function in life is as a business blog — to generate prospects for agents in our real estate brokerage. It really isn’t a place for “personal blogging”.

Then yesterday I stumbled across a whole new (to me) set of premium WordPress themes — Elegant Themes (affiliate link). Being a bit of a WordPress theme junkie, I swiftly became enamored with several of them. And at $39 for the lot, a purchase was required.

What You Can Expect Here

Who knows where this site will go. I won’t be surprised if it just turns into a theme playground for me. I’ll share random thoughts, videos, quotes, photos — who knows what. I doubt if anyone will read it. And I don’t really care. No “leads” will be generated for the real estate brokerage, there won’t be crushing levels of traffic. This one’s for me. If you get something from it, great! If not, no biggie.

It’ll probably be a place where I can post things that don’t really belong on TPREG. There are things I don’t do on that blog — like drop the occasional F-bomb, talk about politics, religion or sex — that may just happen here. While I am completely “transparent” where ever I write, you’re likely to find out more about me here than anywhere else. For what that’s worth.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know exactly what I’ll do with this site. Tinker and toy with WordPress themes and plugins, certainly. Pontificate, rant, and rave, sure. All I know is the next time someone asks, “What’s the URL of your personal blog?” I’ll be able to say, “NowPondering.com”…



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