Look Ma, a shiny new theme!


Welcome back to the woefully neglected Now Pondering — “Jay T’s Other Blog”.

Given how long it’s been since the last post here, you probably don’t even remember what this site looked like.

No worries.

Now, however, it’s sporting the wicked-cool “Wintersong” theme powered by Genesis (affiliate link).

Why Wintersong?

Because my friend Brian Gardner uses it. Makes sense for him, he made it. Why does it make sense for me?

‘Cause I like it. It’s all “minimal” and has a cool slidey left sidebar thing. I love the typography. And I love all the white space.

Clearly, CLEARLY, I am not a WordPress theme designer — or any other sort of designer. So I rely on creative people that are designers to make my blog pretty. Clearly again, Brian qualifies as creative and is a highly-skilled designer / developer.

Why is it called, “Wintersong”?

Well, you’d have to ask Brian to know for sure, but I suspect it’s related to this…

What can you expect here on Now Pondering?

Pretty much what you’ve been getting, only a LOT more frequently. Over the past month or so, I’ve had several people thump me in the head for not writing more. That’s quite an ego stroke — knowing that there are people out there, other than my mother and wife, that actually want to read what I write. I don’t really need my ego stroked, but being a human being, I do appreciate it. (And if you claim you wouldn’t appreciate it, you’re not being honest with yourself…)

I haven’t had the time to post to Phoenix Real Estate Guy since joining the team at Zillow. I do write on the Zillow for Pros blog, and that satisfies my need to get my real estate on.

But I love need to write on a personal level. It’s therapeutic (Bam! Spelled that right the first time). I miss it. I dearly love to write, and wish I was more better at it. The best way to get better? Practice. Write more.

So, write more I will.

About what, who knows. Whatever strikes my fancy. I’m sure you’ll hear about my health. Since surviving the big “widow maker” heart attack last year, I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes. You’ll probably hear about my walking. My first sanctioned half-marathon is coming up in a few days. I’d like to “journal” my walking progress. You’ll hear about my friends, and my family. About living in my new hometown of Seattle. About work. And life.

That sort of stuff.

Follow along if you like, or not. I fully realize that there are a significant number of people that couldn’t care less about my life, what I’m thinking, what bothers me.

That’s cool. Certainly understandable. It’s also cool (very) if you want to follow along, chime in on the comments with your own thoughts, feelings and observations.

Such is the beauty of a personal blog. I can do what I want with it.

And I want to do more…


Photo Credit: Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ CC Licensed on Flickr.


  1. Michelle Poccia says

    This Wintersong theme is very cool. I look forward to reading what you crank out here. Your fan, Michelle

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